Friday, April 4, 2014

Best DIY Guitar Effect Resources

I've been following the DIY pedal scene for the past six years or so. During that time the amount of different guitar effect related websites has skyrocketed and filtering out useful information has become a pretty daunting task. Here's a little collection of websites that I have found especially useful.

Beavis Audio Research (

8/2016: Saddly the site has been down for some time.. I got into DIY because of these great tutorials and really hope that the site will be up and running again in the future. You can still check it out with Wayback Machine:

Excellent website full of interesting build reports, strange projects and DIY pedal tutorials. Even though Dano doesn't update the site frequently, this is still one of my favorite resources that I keep coming back year after year. The tutorials are well writen and most importantly highly visual, so this site is probably the number one resource for beginners. Like Dano says: " up the soldering iron, and pop open a cold beer.".

Madbean Pedals (
Quality DIY pedal projects for beginners and more advanced builders. PCB's are top quality and prices are good! The Madbean forum is very active and there's a nice community that really pushes the DIY scene forward: projects, video tutorials, sound demos..  you name it! By far my favourite guitar pedal related forum.

RunOffGroove (
Interesting original stompbox designs and innovative amp to pedal adaptations. (
A classic DIY forum that really needs no introduction.

FreeStompboxes (
Is that +300$ fuzz pedal really that special? Biggest boutique-secrets are revealed on this forum that revolves around de-gooping* and reverse engineering guitar effect circuits.

* De-gooping = removing epoxy or other "goop" that some manufacturers use to protect/hide their circuits.

Guitar FX Layouts (
A fabulous blog that has over 650+ verified stripboard layouts!

La Revolution Deux (
A good collection of effect pedal schematics, circuit analysis and modifications.

GEO - The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page (
Not the easiest site to navigate around, but it contains a lot of interesting in-depth tech articles about effect pedals.

Pedal Haven - Everything You Need to Build a DIY Guitar Pedal (
Great site with tons of information!