Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY Tips & Tricks: how to use a jewel light in your guitar pedal project II

Here's an updated method for attaching a 5mm LED bezel to a jewel light case. In my older post (check here!) I suggested using glue to secure the bezel, but that is just overkill. Heat-shrink tubing works way better. It's more faster and easier to use than glue and secures the bezel tightly enough.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Are you using the best guitar pick possible?

Few years back I made an interesting observation: I had never during the years questioned my pick choice at all. I used the same pick model for over 10 years without really knowing why I chose it in the first place. Of course I'm not saying that it's a bad thing in general to use the same pick model for years. But in my case the problem was that I chose that particular pick model when I was a total beginner. So my initial decicion was probably based on one main feature: size. I just needed something big enough to hold comfortably while learning to pick.

But if people can outgrow their first guitars and amps, why couldn't they outgrow their guitar picks too?

So after a decade of playing with the same pick model I started to try out different models and almost immediately noticed a difference in my playing. One important aspect of playing for me is picking dynamics and I feel that switching to a smaller pick especially helped me to develop on that area. A smaller pick just feels better and gives me better control over the dynamics and tone.

Is there a lesson here to be learned? Well, I think we can boil this one down to one simple sentence: make a conscious pick choice.