Friday, January 17, 2014

On my workbench: some unfinished projects that I will complete very very soon!

I'm kickstarting the new year with something old and something new! Few of these projects have been collecting dust for quite some time and for some reason I just never got around to finish them. Now it's a good time to get these projects (.. and couple of new ones) done!

1776 Effects Multiplex Echo Machine

"Tapehead" - 1776 Effects Multiplex Echo Machine

The Multiplex Echo Machine (check out 1776 Effect for more info!) is a PT3299 based delay that emulates three different tape delay units from the past: Binson Echorec, RE-201 Space Echo and Echoplex EP-3. I just ordered few missing parts and I'm really looking forward to finish this one.. I've seen few demos on Youtube and it sounds phenomenal!

Madbean LaVache

"Tweed Royal" - Madbean LaVache (Lovepedal Les Lius Clone)

This one is as simple as it gets and it's oozing some serious mojo! It's a super simple modified Electra Distortion -circuit and since the part count is really low, I decided to used some cool mojo parts for it. Big fat Orange Drop -caps and sweet carbon composition resistors. Itchy, tasty!

Klon Centaur Clone

"Untitled" - Klon Centaur clone

I've never really paid any attention to this mythical overdrive circuit or the ridiculous hype around it and I didn't actually know much about it at all. But recently Electro-Harmonix came out with their own affordable take (Soul Food) on this effect and I must say that it does sound pretty damn good!

The Klone Centaur is an overdrive circuit that really shines on lower gain settings and because of this it could be perfect for my rig.. I ordered few nice Klone PCB's from Poodle's Pedal Parts Emporium and soon I will have some serious Klon-magic on my pedalboard. I'm making two of these. So, if anyone needs a hand made Klon Klone on good price, just let me know!

"Lysergic Acid Fuzz" - 1776 Effects Five O'Clock Fuzz

I have done some research about the history of fuzz circuits at university and I've been wanting to build a modded Fuzz Face clone for months. I decided to use 1776 Effects Five O'Clock Fuzz PCB for this build. It's a slightly modified Fuzz Face circuit with an onboard polarity conversion and a treble bleed mod that supposedly helps with high frequency loss on lower gain settings.

I'm aiming for a low gain fuzz sound and I have some cool old Soviet germanium transistors (GT108V, GT308B and 1T308V) that should be perfect for this project. I just have to socket them and try out different combinations. I'm also adding an input trim control (like on Analog Man Sun Face) to get some additional control over the amount of distortion.

So, I have a lot of interesting DIY stuff coming up. I will make more detailed build reports with sound demos when I get these projects finalized and boxed up. Stay tuned!